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Make your everyday life easier by creating digital one-time, series and season cards. Boost sales and improve customer experience.

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Sounds familiar?

Customer gift card is

lost in emails

hard to find

used already


lost in emails

Sounds familiar?

Customer gift card is

lost in emails

hard to find

used already


lost in emails

Software as a service

GapHook™ Wallet

We care for your digital passes and let you focus more on your business.

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Make more business

Get paid in advance for your future delivery.

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Improve loyalty

Real-time usage tracking and updates (e.g. serial cards).

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Be more efficient

Up-to-date pass statuses, management and insights.

How it works
GapHook™ Wallet

How it works?

Create, deliver, scan and verify

Number one iconSend icon

Merchant creates and sends passes.

Number two iconLink icon

The Customer receives an email or SMS link to passes.

<- Today

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Later ->


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Number three iconQR code icon

The Customer opens the pass and shows the code for the Merchant.

Number four iconCheck icon

Merchant scans and verifies passes.

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Ready! It's time to fulfil the value of the passes.

PAss types

Use once, twice or countless times

One-time voucher icon

One-Time Vouchers

Unique passcode that can be used once for a specific service or product.

event ticket
pickup codes
Serial card icon

Serial Card

The multi-use card includes a specific usage ("5/10 left") in a certain period.

10 x gym access
5 x bike rent
3 x lunch
Season pass icon

Season Pass

Unlimited access or privilege over the specified season or valid period.

backstage pass
VIP access
game pass
Euro icon

Value cards

Value-based cards for paying for services and products over a certain period.

Software as a service

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Make it Personal

Customers can store their passes to Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

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Wallet icon
Keep it safe

Mobile wallet passes can be easily found, viewed and used. Passes can be opened even offline.

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Real-time updates

Passes can be removed automatically at the end of a valid period and updated per usage (e.g. Serial cards).

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Mobile App experience

Mobile wallets are the default apps of both operating systems. Making a WOW moment is guaranteed!


Simple. Powerful.

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Your brand

Add your company details and choose desired color palette.

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Automated delivery

Send passes directly to recipients by using email or SMS.

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Scan or use manually

Use your default mobile camera to scan and validate passes.

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Real-time updates

Show, scan and verify. Immediate updates to all stakeholders.

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Pass templates

Choose template and add recipient. You are done!

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Powerful reporting

Get real-time statuses, detailed data and insights from one place.

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Software as a service

GapHook™ Wallet:
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Backend platform

GapHook™ for Enterprises

Need more? Are you interested in tailored user interfaces, integrations or multi-level user management?

GapHook™ Wallet -service is powered by our Backend Platform that can be expanded for more advanced and custom self-service needs. Our Solution Partners build all the Enterprise solutions.

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